Latest News on the Band

Dec 29, 2017: New Album Title Revealed
The next Sarcasm album will be named 'Placebo', and it's currently set for a May release. No track list is yet available

Oct 3, 2017: Back in Studio
Sarcasm has returned to studio after a long break, to work on their next album. No plans or data on the production have yet been made available to the public.

Jul 25 2017: Still With Us
The tour is over and the band members are enjoying a two-month vacation before starting to work on their next studio album. Despite persistent rumors, Elektra Records spokeswoman has announced that the band will continue with its present line-up. Rumors about a violent assault on some members of the band during a "bonus show" in Chicago are still unconfirmed.

Apr 30 2017: 'Cynic' and 'Sarcasm' Re-released
Electra Records has acquired the rights to 'Cynic' and 'Sarcasm', a single and an EP from the band's early days, and has released a remastered version of both.

Apr 26 2017: Tour Kicks Off
"Sarcasm Is a Nasty Habit" tour got off to a spectacular start at the UIC Hall in Chicago, with over 5000 tickets sold. The band plans to tour the northeastern United States for at least three months; at the time not all stops are yet known.

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