A Brief History of Sarcasm

The story of Sarcasm began in the Illinois State University, in the fall of 2013. Three students, Joseph Tiny Wolf Murphy, Patrick Dougal and Diamanda Kitty, all aspiring metal musicians, had been meaning to form a band for half a year, but had not had enough energy for it. Then Murphy met John Robscombe, a sophomore and also a musician, who revitalized the project, and also supplied the group with their name.

After playing in small clubs and university parties for nearly a year, the need for a drummer for the band became apparent. The beginning Sarcastics recruited the kid brother of Diamanda Kitty, Valor Kitty, who was only 17 years old but already a very talented industrial-style musician. The new style of the band, which mixed classical metal, progressive and industrial elements, as well as the musical skill of the members got Sarcasm quite a following in the city. Sarcasm released its first single ‘Cynic’ in November 2015. It sold fairly well for a nearly independent production, and got the band enough fame to enable them to put together an EP, ‘Sarcasm’, which came out in March 2016.

Sarcasm, as well as its first EP, came to the attention of Electra Records, and soon the five musicians got themselves a regular contract at Electra. The contract made it possible for the band to concentrate on its music full-time. At the same time the already famous basist Ian ‘Ratfink’ Lomas, formerly of Rock Guerrillas, joined the band. The work on an album began almost immediately, this time in excellent studio conditions. The album was precluded by a single, ‘Blood’, which also came out as a holovid; both sold extremely well, making Top 40 and staying there for a month.

The album, titled ‘Wake Up Screaming’ was launched in February 2017, and it became an overnight success, staying in the Top 40 for several months. The album was soon afterwards followed by a tour of the northeastern USA.

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