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Superheroic Live-Action Role Playing Explained

This is an article on how the first part of the Colors superheroic live-action (and tabletop) campaign came to be, in September 1997. It may contain some spoilers for people intending to play in the Colors universe.

Introduction: The Finnish Way

(how live-action usually works in Finland)
Part One: The Mechanics (rules system, the tactical model)
Part Two: The Basic Outline (rough idea of the plot)
Part Three: The Storyline (a more detailed description of the plot)
Part Four: The People (characters, casting)
Part Five: The Setup (setting the stage, pre-game activities)
Part Six: Live-Action (how the game ran live)
Part Seven: The Tactical Model (how the rules worked)
Part Eight: Aftermath (what went right, what went wrong)

Colors was written and directed by The Clobon Government in Exile

Dare Talvitie idea, story, gamemastering
Suvi Ylioja illustrations, scale models, props
Mikko Rintasaari scale models, debugging, assistant gamemastering
Eppu Ervasti props

Text on these pages (C) Dare Talvitie, 1998-2001. Pictures (C) various players.

Thanks to Ray Greer for actually getting me to write this article, Mike Pohjola for making me put it on the Web, and finally, Mikki, Ripa, Jaakko, Lissu and the rest of you guys for taking the leap of faith.

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